Affiliate marketing:

Who are we?
As an affiliate marketing company we allow individuals to act as an affiliate for the company or the brand and stimulate it bring visitors and customers to the e- commerce website through their own efforts. At Primefotech, our team uses traditional marketing techniques like direct contact, local advertising etc. as well as internet marketing strategies like organic search engine
optimizations, email marketing, pay per click management marketing, display advertising, etc. We also use a wide range of cutting-edge methods of marketing which include posting blogs in
social networking websites, initiating discussions on the brand, publishing reviews etc. Affiliate marketing carries high preference with thousands of online business ventures and at Primefotech , we ensure we provide the best in class services.

Our unique features:
At Primefotech, we usually classify affiliate programs as direct and multi-tier affiliate programs. In direct affiliate program, the eCommerce website owner appoints affiliates, monitors their
activities, keeps track of the business generated by them, making commission payments directly to them. As a result of being a simple one tier affiliate program through our expertise and
experience in advising our clients in selecting the best affiliate marketing programs.

Why do we need affiliate marketing?
At Primefotech, our aim is to enhance the growth of our clients’ business by the use of creative web designs and development solutions. We constantly try to craft additional and enhanced
value for our clients, thereby enabling them to compete with their rival companies with an edge.

As a result of such diverse methods of marketing in the current times, Affiliate marketing helps classify the work based on performances and ensures that a business is effectively rewarded
for each measurable visitor or customer brought about as a result of such efforts on behalf of both the affiliate and the business. One of the cores reasons for the use of affiliate marketing is the extremely flexible nature, and structure leading to an ease in the use by most modern businesses.

Low Entry price: At primefotech, we ensure that most online ads and marketing techniques we use are cost- efficient, providing the best quality at the most economical price. We ensure that we invest as much money as possible to provide good website and a good product for organization which are well – established as well as start- ups.

Only pay when the ads work: At primefotech, we ensure that you never pay for ads that don’t bring you successful sales because your affiliates only make money when they deliver quality traffic. It is our organizational goal to ensure that your affiliate program is entirely determine by you and thereby allowing you to set the commission rates, determine what gets on your ads and most importantly what your ad programs. Finally, your affiliate program has one final added benefit which involves providing your banner, text, other ads to affiliates, and it
will automatically record successful sales. With a viable affiliate marketing program, your business will be enhanced by a system that cuts the learning curve of the affiliate team. The group of experienced professionals will help you with a smooth transition into efficient advertising.

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